Breeding Program

Our aim is to produce fertile, sound bulls with good temperament for the commercial market.  We expect our females to produce and rear a calf every year without problems and do so every year on pasture under all seasonal conditions.


- Use all tools available.
- Sustain a profitable self-replacing herd.

                                *              Minimal Loss
                                *              Minimal Effort
                                *              Ease of Handling
                                *              Maximum Returns

- Mate heifers at 14 months and cull non-performers
- Return calf in next twelve months
- Calf every year until replaced.


Selected for libido, temperament, structure.

                Muscling:              Progeny run in carcase competitions.
                                                Nothing like viewing the carcase.
                                                Smooth, long muscle preferred.

                Testicles:               Measured and selection tool.  Must be over 37
                                                cms.  Preferred 40 cms.
                                                Direct correlation with fertility.

Well balanced and sound legs and feet.  Length and shoulders important.


                Fertile:                    Calve at 2 years unassisted and back in
                                                calf to calve again in 12 months every year.

                Productive:           Progeny must achieve 200 day weight and be within
                                                the average.

                Milk:                      Well suspended udder with even, well placed teats.

                Calves:                  All of a type with no great variation.

                Conversion:          Weight gains of progeny recorded on normal pasture and in
                                                feed-lot trials.

                                                Stocking rates always at the limit of carrying capacity.


                Our best Stud bulls always used on heifers at 14 months of age.  No concessions made.

                Heifers joined at 14 months of age with live, unassisted calf on ground at 2 years.

                Heifers must calve again in the next 12 month period after first calving.
                Structure and temperament dealt with before heifers mated.

                Cows must raise calves unassisted until weaned after 200 days weighing with expected weight of
                bulls 330 kgs, steers 310 kgs, heifers 290 Kgs.  Better weights are always being sought.

                Group Breedplan ranking of cows indication of worth.


                Constant attention to structure, feet, udders, temperament.

                Cow retention determined by 365 days to calving.
                Only 25% of bull calves kept as entire at marking around 3 weeks
                of age.  Further culling of bull calves as they develop.

                We stand behind our bulls and will give our clients exclusive back-up


Courses have been undertaken in:-
Quality Assurance - Cattle Care.
                                     Abbatoirs chain from slaughter to marketing.


                S.A. Beef
                Industry sponsored.
                Gernomic Conference, Rockhampton


                Johnes’ Quality Assurance Programme
                Visiting other studs, particularly when carrying out duty of S.A. Beef Cattle
                Breeders’ President.

                Organising S.A. Beef Field Days

                Committee member, M.L.A., Meat for Profit Day in Adelaide.

We see cattle breeding as an on-going commitment to providing seed stock to the industry, that we enjoy doing well.  Our aim is to provide exceptional maternal Red Poll cows whose progeny meet the market and provide the genetic material to improve commercial herds.

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